Which challenges recruiters are facing in hiring good software engineers

Tech Hiring Challenges Faced by Startups & Possible Solutions

I am 100% sure whoever will read this blog, would be benefited. Every day is a new day for a recruiter and every candidate brings a new set of challenges. Recruiters should be keen to know and understand more about the candidate. By chance, if the recruiter misses capturing some information that was important then they might need to face a lot of consequences.

So, Recruiters life is full of challenges & excitement to solve the challenges.

Let’s begin to explore challenges which recruiters are facing

Before process

  • Recruiters are spending enough amount of time in initial discussions with candidates to understand the software developers in detail but it’s very difficult to comment on anything about the skills & expertise.
  • Recruiters are even giving chance to someone who is changing 2 jobs in 3 years of his/her career but it’s very rare that the same candidate would stick towards 1 company.
  • Even after spending a lot of time screening resumes, sometimes the ratio of getting a matching profile is very less. (It depends on which skills the recruiter is looking for in software development).
  • Recruiters are bored hearing the same statement “I am busy, can you call me later” from the candidates.
  • The notice period is again a very common challenge. I would leave this point for you to explore and look at posts/comments on LinkedIn. Everyone is JUST shouting about the notice period.


  • Sometimes, you might see that the resumes of the candidate look very good in terms of skills & expertise but after having an initial conversation with the candidate, recruiters do not get the feeling of wow!
  • Drop out of candidates in between the interview process is a very common challenge that cannot be solved, I mean it’s impossible to solve this challenge. So, it’s better not to talk about this.
  • Every working professional is busy from Monday to Friday. So, recruiters have to wait for weekends and hope to get a revert of code solution on Monday and coming days.
  • Even after having a good engagement between candidate and recruiter, recruiters would hear “I am sorry, I will not be able to join your company” even on the day of joining.
  • Recruiters are struggling in reading the candidate whether the candidate is seriously looking for a new job or just sake of understanding the market value.
  • Some candidates say that I want to work with services-based or product-based or startup or MNC or product startup companies.

After process

  • Recruiters are also facing challenges in terms of the salary expectations of the candidate.
  • Sometimes, recruiters see that the candidate whom they rejected is working in a good company.
  • Some candidates compare the offer point by point including all the benefits. This is kind of impossible for all the company.
  • Some candidate rejects the offer by saying that my parents are not allowing me to join the company. This is a very CHILDISH reason.

After joining

  • Sometimes, recruiters face a challenge where a new candidate takes a lot of time in adapting to a new culture.
  • Some candidates are joining the company and leaving the company in a very short span of time.
  • Some candidates join the company for some days or week to understand about the work & leave without any reason.

I think this information would not only suffice but it's more than enough.

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Talent Acquisition Specialist who loves to connect, engage & build a solid pipeline of Software Craftsman who believes in Software Craftsmanship.

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Bhushan Chordia

Bhushan Chordia

Talent Acquisition Specialist who loves to connect, engage & build a solid pipeline of Software Craftsman who believes in Software Craftsmanship.

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